Why Importers Should Hire a Licensed Broker

As an importer new to the business or probably you have been in the import business for some while may have laughed off the need for a licensed broker but the truth is you need a licensed broker. You cannot compare the wealth of experience and depth of knowledge licensed customs broker like Clearit USA customs brokers have amassed over their years of practice. There are numerous advantages that come with hiring a licensed broker and as you read on you’ll see salient reasons why as an importer you should hire a licensed broker.

They are Informed on Customs Rules

Import brokerage could be daunting for importers especially the new ones. With the existence of numerous rules and regulations to adhere to as well as the national security being on an all-time high, you cannot just afford to get it wrong. Custom brokers know this, and they are aware of the gravity of non-compliance or violations no matter how little they may be could attract wild penalties that can affect your business.

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That said, you don’t need to trouble yourself by having to learn all the multiple rules that govern the import process. All you need do is to hire a licensed customs broker who has been in practice for a long time and whose records are impressive to help with these laws.

The advantage is that you can completely focus on your business activities without having to worry about legislation as your broker would guide you and alarm you if you are about to violate any of the laws guiding importation clearing.

They Offer Wealth of Experience

Furthermore, when it comes to freight clearing compliance is key. Trying to sort through the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States and through the customs regulation while trying to stay compliant with the regulations is for sure a daunting task. This can only be done by professionals, people who have experience. They have been in the game for so long that they know these regulations and are familiar with the process like the back of their palms- customs brokers.

As time progresses, the governing bodies might decide to update the rules and regulations. The probability that you are aware of these changes is low as you are totally tasked with your business. However, for a customs broker, because of their experience, they would have sources that enable them on being aware on incoming changes i.e. new regulations or requirements, etc. before they are passed and they would inform you beforehand- this is something an ordinary importer can’t have. This way you can assess the situation to see if these laws would favor your current business operations and if not, would make the necessary changes before the rules are passed.


There are many ways that hiring a licensed broker can help your importation business. Hire one now and experience these benefits and more!

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