What to Look For When Outsourcing Commercial Laundry

There are many businesses that rely heavily on a contractor that supplies them with clean linen. Hotels, hospitals, restaurants and spa resorts all have a daily need for crisp, clean linen, and without the huge service industry that works quietly in the background, many businesses would simply grind to a halt. Of course, there are many laundry contractors, and some offer the customer a linen hire service, with top quality towels, bedding and kitchen uniforms that can be leased over long periods. A 5-star hotel, for example, depends on daily deliveries of pristine linen, while having the dirty set removed at the same time. The hotel would typically have a back up quota that would see them through for 3 or 4 days, just in case, and with professional dry cleaning and pressing, all the linen would be of a standard that you would expect to see in a 5-Star establishment. If you are looking for such a service, here are some pointers that should help you locate the best linen provider in your region.

  • Sustainability – This comes with time, and any industrial laundry service that has several big depots across the country must be doing something right. Linen laundry at an industrial level requires considerable resources, and with dependability high on the priority list, it is crucial that your supplier has the necessary resources to assure a continued service. Lacking in any linen area doesn’t bear thinking about, and in order to eliminate the chances of this happening, your linen partner needs to be in it for the long term.
  • Quality Linen – Only the best is good enough, no matter your industry, and the ideal supplier would have an extensive catalogue of just about everything. The people who carry out the cleaning know how to present clean linen, and in a classy establishment, the small details definitely do count. For the restaurant owner, there would be a broad range of colours, which means the tablecloths and napkins can be tailored to suit the décor. Any business in the hospitality industry will understand the need for excellence in all respects, especially table and bed linen, and the right supplier would only offer top quality linen.
  • Avoid Long Contracts – As you will become a regular customer, most suppliers would expect you to sign a long term contract, which locks you into the arrangement, and let’s face it, a contract is no motivation for the linen supplier to pull out all the stops, as the client is locked into a long contract. There are top quality linen suppliers that are prepared to work on a month by month basis, meaning you can opt out at any time, and this is a much preferred situation for the customer, and if ever the level of service takes a dive, they can switch to another provider.
  • Affordability – With the many outgoings that every business has, we are always looking for ways to reduce costs, and with an essential service such as commercial laundry, service comes before price, but that said, the cost should not be excessive when compared to other contractors. Simply put, you want the best in terms of service, and while this will never be the cheapest choice, you should expect to pay a fair cost for the service you receive.

If you are in need of a professional linen and laundry contractor, an online search is the best place to start, and with a provider that ticks all the above, you can be sure you made the right choice.

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