What are the Advantages of a Wireless Intercom System for Business?

When you are running a business, you may sometimes have a need to provide a degree of protection to your business and clients, either against an environmental problem like that found in a clean room or pharmacy, or from potentially hostile members of the public – a constant and potentially disastrous risk in many fields of business, including those dealing with money, valuable materials, sensitive documents, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Even if you don’t need physical or chemical protection, you may wish to separate two areas without compromising your ability to communicate across the barrier, but in either case, the protection may be more trouble than it’s worth if you can’t speak to one another across it.

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This is where an intercom system for business comes in. Usually in the form of a Melaphone, which is a tough, clear plastic tube with guards at either end, linking the two areas, these intercom systems can also include the more familiar electronic versions consisting of the usual microphone, cables and speakers.

While often considered the stereotypical “intercom”, this is less than ideal for clean rooms and other clean environments, as the cables must penetrate the barrier and may cause small gaps in the protection due to ordinary wear and tear; and as the device is a complex electronic speaker and microphone, it is very likely to require maintenance at some point or other. Finally, as it draws power  in order to function, an intercom system for business of this configuration ultimately has a running cost, measured on the electricity bill. While negligible on its own, it compounds with the inevitable maintenance and replacement costs to create a surprisingly costly bit of kit.

In comparison,an intercom system wireless construction, like a Melaphone, is an almost perfect intercom, without power demands, expensive components, maintenance requirements, or even appreciable wear and tear. By simply relaying the natural vibrations caused by speaking, a melaphone actually transmits the exact voice of the speaker to the listener, without allowing transmission of any bacteria or other contaminants across the barrier, and, as it is installed across a window, it also permits use of signalling, body language, facial expressions and gestures, all of which facilitate straightforward, honest communication. Without the ability to go off visual clues, the opportunity for misunderstandings or stilted, difficult communication increases vastly, but thanks to melaphone, your business communication will be as quick, easy and effective as possible! On top of this, the melaphone is made with tough, hardy plastic which resists all forms of damage and wear, resulting in a long-lasting intercom.

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