Top 5 Best Banking CRM: Customer Experience as Strategy

The client database of even a small bank comprises thousands of customers, not to mention the number of potential customers with whom it is necessary to maintain contact.

Today, many banks understand that it is not possible to expand the business selling only with the help of standard services. When working with customers that bring the largest profit, it is necessary to adjust the service to individual requirements or create a new kind of it. This approach provides customer retention. Here you can find out main aim of banking CRM software and its benefits for the banking sector.

According to Harvard Business Review, old customers bring most of the revenue, and costs for work is reduced by 5-10 times lower than for attracting new ones, which is understandable, because if the customer is loyal, then there is no need to spend resources on such stages of his “life cycle” as establishing the first contact, creating awareness of the specifics of the service and implementing the first sales.

Here is the Top 5 List which is based on the customers’ reviews of the banking CRM tools and that can help you make the proper choice depending on your business needs.


Top 5: #1 Bpm’online

Bpm’online gives a possibility to organize a single database of all the customers of the bank. As it is stated on the official site bpm’online is efficient for banks and financial companies to streamline processes connected with customer management.

Functionality includes:

  • keeping of client’s full profile;
  • contact data processing;
  • financial offer history storage;
  • keeping of the interaction between the bank and the client;
  • contracts, accounts and credit cards;
  • financial indicators.

Having a 360 ° client portrait, the bank managers can build the best variants of interaction strategy, offer the client optimal financial products and improve the level of service.

Top 5: #2 Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is a cloud service which is constantly improving its quality. It deals successfully with everything from the organization of the call center to the self-service portal. As a result, the bank customers receive the most flexible and responsive service and reliable support.

Functionality includes:

  • support team;
  • custom scripts;
  • tracking the interaction history any communication channel,;
  • analyze of client’s profile at any stage;
  • sharing information with customers directly from banking CRM;
  • feedbacks tracking;

Salesforce has developed a revolutionary application to increase the effectiveness of sales.

Top 5: #3 SAP CRM

SAP CRM system delivers a quality customer and employee digital experience in banking sector. It offers really strong banking industry solutions.

Functionality includes:

  • contextual marketing;
  • smart selling;
  • online and mobile banking;
  • retail deposits and lending;
  • centralized payment processing
  • cash and liquidity management
  • commercial lending;
  • financial services network.

Top 5: #4 ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks is a customer relationship management tool which can efficiently be implemented in small banks. ProsperWorks also allows managing contacts within Gmail or outside it, so gives a comprehensive and full view of the customer, his activity and shows all the interaction history.

Functionality includes:

  • client management
  • Gmail integration;
  • record-keeping
  • highly intuitive for the user;
  • automatic notifications and reminders.

This CRM is considered to be one of the best and perfect for a small business solution.

Top 5: #5 Sugar CRM

It is one of the most popular open-source CRM system  It mainly controls sales and support of the customers. It can be synchronized with email service and can be used as a web service, or as a desktop application.

Functionality includes:

  • contacts management;
  • counterparties;
  • potential orders and accounts;
  • description of important situations;
  • bug tracking;
  • document repository;
  • marketing campaigns;
  • project management;
  • task Scheduler.

As SugarCRM is an open-source system(in PHP), so it can be tailored to the needs of any particular organization.

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