Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers – Cartwright Law Firm

Cartwright Law Firm, a Northern California based law firm specialises in cases of accidents involving a motor vehicle and represent victims of motor vehicle injuries and families of the deceased who lost their lives in motor-vehicle-related accidents.

Cartwright Law Firm has a full-time, in-house accident investigator who assists in determining the actual cause of the accident and identify the parties liable for the fault/negligence which caused the accident. Often, the investigator visits the site of the accident to collect evidence before it is moved by law enforcement, road and transportation authorities.

Cartwright Law Firm specialises in accidents involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, public transportation, mass transit, buses, trucks, boats, aircraft etc. Cartwright Law Firm assist victims of motor vehicle accidents to receive compensation for various forms of financial losses such as but not limited to loss of income, additional medical bills, damage of property, physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma etc and punitive damages are claimed for in cases involving driving under influence, reckless driving, accident caused due to improper maintenance of vehicle etc.

Cartwright Law Firm understand the vehicular damage accidents can cause and have represented victims of almost every type of vehicular accident-related injury, which also includes injuries that are permanent in nature resulting in permanent disability. Cartwright Law Firm serves its clients with the ultimate goal of obtaining the maximum fair compensation for the victims and their families to move on with their lives post a life-altering accident.

Cartwright Law Firm aspires to maximize its clients’ claims and compensation, without the need for a trial for a speedy resolution, but are also prepared to take motor accident cases to court for a trial if it stands in the best interest of the victim and their families.

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