Is Your Office Design Attracting or Deterring Top Talent?

When it comes to proactive recruitment and attracting talent, more and more corporations and organisations are conscious of their office design.

Office design? Yes, you heard right! Office design, and its effect on drawing in and creating the best available and best quality talent pools.

Some companies are going all-out to ensure that their office spaces places where bright, innovative, creative kids, want to play.  Turning their office space into something your five year old would squeal with joy to play in, some companies have even gone as far as to install slides, as well as placing so many plants in their spacious interiors that workers will surely start swinging from the trees and yellow (‘insert crazy Tarzan ululating call’).

And we’re not complaining!

Days of cramped, musty offices of yore, with ageing air-conditioning chugging out virus-laden fumes are long, long gone. As are the small, partitioned boxes sitting on wrongly designed chairs making their joints and muscles ache, and straining to read under a deteriorating and blinking fluorescent light, squinting to see screens near windows letting in so much glare that workers go home with headaches.

And thank goodness for that!

Over the past 15 years, modern offices have been designed and refurbished with talent and creativity in mind, with a strong and apparent focus on wellness. This means, consideration to elements such as fresh air, nourishment, light, water, comfort and fitness, have been deemed as the mainstays of productivity and talent pool creativity, which ultimately boils down to big bucks.

Interior design has seemed to become the driving force when it comes to rental market for commercial offices and workplaces. Tenants entering the marketplace have made ite clear that they do not want anything old for their new talent. They want spaces that live up to these new standards, quirky as they may be.

Interior design for office spaces have become a global trend!

To reduce stress for some workers, some designs even include a sleep room so that tired staff can take a snooze. But why, you ask? To make workplaces more flexible, to ultimately attract the best quality talent pool of prospective employees. These new age workspaces aim to create a sense of connectedness and camaraderie, which will eventually be reflected in the quality of the talent pool. Some workplaces are even providing standing desks for their employees’ comfort, sound insulation and ergonomically- designed office furniture. Some even have sport mini-golf courses, park benches, and ping-pong tables.

If you want to create the best talent pools, you’ve got to give the best environment!

In an increasingly big amount of companies, there’s not a suit in sight. Staff are able to come to work in casual clothes, in a light, glassy space. They are able to feel comfortable in this almost Zen environment. Bosses are even conducting surveys to find out whether or not everyone is satisfied and if they aren’t, they want to know how, and what they can do, to improve.

To lure gifted millennials into their talent pools, some companies provide libraries of ‘wellness’. They have offices full of corrugated iron, and walls covered in graffiti. For instance, many of the offices of Splunk, the big multinational data software corporation, whose values are passion, innovation, disruption, openness and fun, and who is recognised by LinkedIn as one of the best companies at attracting and holding on to top talent, has certainly got the message. The London office has installed an original 1950s luxury Pullman railway coach, no less. And the well-worn seats are left intact, as are the luggage racks. It’s no longer taking travelling passengers, however, but is now a meeting room for talent. Oh, there are also painted Daleks on the wall, and there’s a garden with a Jack and the Beanstalk theme, no doubt to encourage people to climb to the top of their field – and it’s 15 metres high.

Australia is most definitely not lagging behind the trend either. There’s a strong sense of competitiveness between IT companies, as well as banks and insurance firms when it comes down to talent luring. Melbourne’s Medibank building, which is the headquarters of the now privatised insurance company, wanted the new building to inspire healthy and cooperative functioning to help give its work practises a make-over. Now the tower, which is 22 storeys high, has an indoor football oval, a park and a tennis court. There is also a demo kitchen and a plaza with healthy eating areas, a working fireplace, a bar and even a barbecue.

The idea is that balanced workplaces foster better focus and better focus fosters creativity which produces results for the company or corporation and so their talent just keeps on keepin’ on.

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