Alcohol Addiction: What Causes It And What You Should Do

Drinking alcohol during special occasions like birthdays and high school reunions can be considered as a social ritual. However, we must know the right time as to when we should put that drinking spree to a halt. In the sense of social drinking, men can consume three to four bottles of beer whereas women can drink only up to two. Drinking more than what was stated above can already be regarded as alcohol addiction.

These are three major factors why people could get too preoccupied with alcohol and what can be done to prevent becoming addicted to it:

Toxic Work Day

Alcoholic beverages can be very tempting especially when people face a lot of pressures in life and one of that is having a demanding job. Truth is that many people look forward to that time of the day when they can loosen up a bit and de-stress from a long day at work. People use alcohol as an escape from that problematic world they believe they are in. Alcohol dependents do not realize that they are already addicted to the substance itself; viewing it as a normal part of their lives.

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Emotional Instability

People who we consider dear to our heart can also trigger a high vulnerability to alcohol addiction. After having a heated argument at home, there are times that we project a different attitude to our special someone without even noticing it. When this happens, we might end up losing the people we love, people to whom we have invested our time, effort, and emotions for years. This course of action can lead to paranoia, depression and even suicide. If we cannot handle our emotions the right way and consume alcohol as a defense mechanism, we will not only lose them but lose what is left of our selves.

Family History

There are scenarios wherein alcohol can be addictive that we could no longer count how many bottles we have emptied after that celebratory toast. Having yearly reunions have been done by most people in order to preserve the family tradition. In that case, alcohol will never be out of sight because it is a staple in those kinds of feast. They say that we tend to copy what our elders do, be it right or wrong. We imitate some of their behaviors in order to feel accepted. Having ancestors who drink alcohol regularly can expose children to alcohol at a very young age. When this happens, there is a high possibility for them to develop alcohol addiction early in life.

A Way Out of Substance Abuse

Determining some of the causes of alcohol dependence gives us the leverage against addiction. The best solution to avoid becoming addicted to alcohol is by facing the problems instead of avoiding them. Instead of going to the bar straight away after a bad day, indulging oneself with watching movies at home, reading a book, planning your next getaway, or doing something new could be of great help. Becoming dependent on alcohol does people no good as it only ruins intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.

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