A useful guide to the get yourself registered as a seller on Amazon

Nowadays a number of business owners selling their products to the customers across the globe through the ecommerce platform. In earlier day’s business was localised with products being sold to local markets by brick and mortar stores. The problem with physical stores is that it involves a very high fixed cost whichultimately adds to the cost of the finished product being sold. However, the major advantage of online selling is that you will save a lot fixed infrastructure cost which will help you sell your products at competitive prices. In long run it will help you to increase the sales volumes which will increase the annual profits exponentially.

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In the present time selling on Amazon for beginners have been very lucrative nowadays. All your required to do is to get yourself registered as over the platform as vendor by furnishing the details of the products that are being offered. Next you need to select a plan based on the selling volumes that you are expecting in the staring days. The individual seller plan is suitable for those sellers who have low sales volumes withorders shipped not exceeding more than 40 in a particularmonth. In such plan the charges are fixed at the rate of $0.99 for every order executed through the e-commerce platform.In case the sales volumes I expected to be more than the threshold limit of 40 order per month then it is recommended that you should opt for the pro merchant plan which involves fixed cost of 439.99 per month along with a minor referral commission.Ecom Income Blueprint ismarketing tool which will help the beginners to devise a proper strategy in order to increase their sales over the online platform. It becomes extremely important to promote your products through effective online marketing strategy as competition is quite fierce on the on online market place.

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