3 Best Retail CRM Systems that Promise More for 2018

Every person has had some experience with retail industry, and we are dealing with it every day, while we shop, order, consume and so on, so this industry accompanies us for the whole life. Innovative technologies and solutions have changed our world and the way we do business or act as customers and buyers.

There is a term that has become very trendy recently – smart retailing. What does this definition mean and how to achieve this? Today’s business world requires automation, and retail is the industry that needs it the most. Therefore, smart retailing means doing the same business more efficiently, and it has become possible thanks to CRM systems, designed to manage your business processes more effectively and improve interactions between the company and its clients.

The Role of Retail CRM Systems is Increasing Day by Day

The role of retail CRM systems is definitely increasing every single day. This is tightly connected to the facts that the value of a customer itself has greatly increased so that businesspeople prefer to automate their overall working process and have control over their customer database anytime and anywhere. Retail industry is one of the crucial ones, not only in the modern business world, but it had the same position in the past also. What concerns the future of retail CRM systems, it is definitely bright and promising. Let’s get acquainted with CRM vendors, compare their features and find out the most effective one.

№1: bpm’online

Bpm’online https://www.bpmonline.com/retail is an exclusive and productive cloud-based CRM tool that is used by millions of business people and individuals worldwide and trusted by key industry experts. Visit the following website to learn more about these powerful software http://opensourcecrm.org/5-crm-solutions-can-help-turn-prospects-raving-patrons/.

Bpm’online is a perfect choice and the best one if you are running a retail business and need a single solution for several tasks and processes. Bpm’online has its unique approach to retail industry, and it can be easily seen from the amazing features and opportunities this system provides to retailers.

It allows you to always be in touch with your customers and manage relationships with them more effectively than ever before. Its unique features and tools include customer data management, resource management, data analysis, knowledge management, document management, etc. What concerns marketing, which is of key importance in retail industry, it offers such features as automation of promotional activities, customer segmentation, multichannel marketing campaigns management and so on.

№2: Salesforce

Salesforce https://www.salesforce.com/ is a unique CRM solution specifically designed to help you manage your sales and customer relationship.

The system firmly holds its position in CRM market and always implements innovative approaches alongside with its powerful opportunities. It is used by various enterprises and startup that understand the value of CRM systems and acknowledge their role. It offers amazing tools that empower every businessman with the ability to optimize the overall working process more productively than one could have ever imagined. Salesforce boosts not only your sales, but also aligns marketing and service to reach effectiveness on higher levels. It offers lead and opportunity management, multichannel support, faster closure of your deals, pre-built applications, activity capture, lead scoring, account management and so on.

This CRM tool offers thousands of opportunities for customization, optimization and integration, which are just irreplaceable tools when it comes to sales. The customer support provided by Salesforce is just excellent, and Salesforce’s support team proves that every single day.

№3: Springboard Retail

Springboard Retail https://www.springboardretail.com/ is another unique and effective CRM tool for retail industry used worldwide. This solution is web-based and provides multichannel service and support; you can have access to your data via any device and browser and always keep in touch with your current and future clients. User-friendly interface makes it even easier to take advantage of this system. With Springboard Retail, you collect information about your customers, get acquainted with their needs, interests and buying habits more efficiently, as well as analyze the statistics, have control over their purchase histories, etc.

It has other awesome features like leads tracking, real-time reporting, inventory management functionality, and so on and so forth. The setup of this sales tool itself is definitely easy. It is very flexible, comfortable to use, and the customer service is great as so many positive reviews and comments prove.

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